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There’s Another Way: Social Justice Happy Hour

The National Equity Project 1720 Broadway, 4th Floor, Oakland

Working toward equity can feel disheartening, frustrating, and isolating. At the National Equity Project, we believe there’s another way to do this work—a way that connects and sustains ourselves and our communities. Our There’s Another Way event series aims to build community among equity-focused leaders rooted in connection, inspiration, honoring multiple perspectives, and collectively reimagining what’s possible for all. After a successful Social Justice Happy Hour in the fall of 2016, we're bringing you another at the beginning of 2018. Join us to connect with equity-focused educators and leaders of all kinds! As we happily bid farewell to 2017, and embark on a new year in post-45 America, we are inviting social-justice-minded folks together to build community, make meaningful connections, laugh, re-energize, and remind ourselves and each other that we are not alone! On Tuesday, January 9, from 5-7pm, you’ll have the opportunity to meet people doing a wide variety of equity-focused work; reflect on what matters to you and hear the same from others; give and get ideas and resources to inspire your work; enjoy a little music and entertainment; and eat some treats with a glass of wine or beer. We would love to see new faces and old friends come together to inspire each other’s spirits and work for social justice in our schools and communities.

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