Kneel with Kaepernick


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    • Air Academy Federal Credit Union (CO)
    • Century Link
    • Phil Long Ford (CO)
    • Dallas Cowboys
    • Tom Benson (Owner; New Orleans Saints)
    • Monument Tap Bar (MA)
    • Palmetto Ale House (SC)
    • Borio’s Restaurant (NY)
    • Coopers Landing (NY)
    • Baxter’s Family Food and Fun (TN)
    • WOW Café and Wingery (LS)
    • Hemingway’s (TX)
    • Check Into Cash (TN)
    • Hardwick Clothes (TN)
    • Donald Trump
    • Neal McCoy
    • Hershel Walker
    • Alejandro Villanueva

The 2017-2018 NFL season has been an important one marred by the continued whitelisting of Colin Kaepernick and refusal to hire Kaep to any one team roster of the 32 possible teams despite the overwhelmingly clear evidence that Kaepernick has exactly what it takes to be a starting QB on multiple NFL teams. His whitelisting was payback for his unwillingness to sacrifice his honor and principles in doing the right thing and bringing attention to the continued mistreatment of African American and other people of color across the country, particularly at the hands of police. We at decided to produce a brief info graphic in solidarity to the league-wide protests sparked by Kaepernick’s fearlessness. We highlight some of the individuals who vocally supported Kaep’s and others’ “kneeling protest” and those who voice their opposition (and often racist) rebuke of Kaep’s efforts. We at ITAVN care deeply about issues of social injustice and inequality and aim to continue producing content that is both informative and actionable. We also hope to partner with other organizations, businesses, and sites passionate about doing the same. Police violence among vulnerable communities is a critical issue that should not be silenced.

Here are some other resources that are working to bring attention to this and other important community issues:

Cops Kill People –
Cop Stop
Cop Watch Berkeley
Mobile Justice CA –
Mapping Police Violence –

Please join ITAVN and continue to share these and other resources with others so we can bring collaborative solutions to our communities together!

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We are unleashing a twitter storm during the national anthem, which allows us to tweet to those who silenced Kaepernick and let them know our disapproval for them and their business and our support for ending police terror of black, brown, and transgender lives! Hover over the silencer’s names above to auto-tweet them a message or create your own!

Possible Hashtags to Use:

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