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Future Site Features

Future Site Features

We’ve spent the past 8 months creating the It Takes A Village Nation brand and building the website and we plan to continue to improve the platform.

Here are a few of the features to look forward to in the upcoming months:

  1. Cover Photo Repositioning: Currently you can upload a cover photo, however you cannot choose how to crop it or reposition the photo. We are aware that this can be frustrating and are working on ways to improve this.
  2. Login Using Existing Social Media (facebook, twitter, etc.): We’d like to make signing up or logging into our site as accessible as possible for users. Integrating social media sign-up or login will eliminate the need to remember another password.
  3. Curated Content: We plan to feature blog posts and news articles related to social causes that you care about! To inquire about writing for our platform email us at:
  4. It Takes A Village Nation Phone App: Our platform was primarily built to be used on the desktop with mobile responsive capabilities. Our plan is to create an app in the future that streamlines the process of using the site through mobile devices.

Donate to our Generosity Campaign page to support our continued development efforts and outreach for It Takes A Village Nation.

Have other features that you would like to recommend? Leave a suggestion.

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