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10 Steps to Getting Set Up on ITAVN

10 Steps to Getting Set Up on ITAVN

Welcome to It Takes A Village Nation! We want to make sure that you get yourself set up for success on this platform, which aims to connect like-minded organizations, businesses and individuals around the topics, struggles and movements of social justice! This article will get you ready to interact, collaborate and share resources in the name of love and revolution!

  1. Complete your ITAVN Profile so that you can be found by like-minded folks looking to connect!
  2. Upload a photo that represents you and/or your reasons for being active on the platform.
  3. Upload any “Resources” or “Media” that will demonstrate what you do or how you can be of service to others.
  4. Check out the “Recently Active Members” on the Latest Activity page sidebar widget in order to start adding allies to your network.
  5. View their profile and see if there is anything they are looking for you can offer and/or there is anything you need that they can offer. Then send a message to introduce yourself and let them know how you think you all can collaborate.
  6. Check out the list of “Villages” on the platform by going to the “Villages” tab.
  7. Join a “Village” and/or create one of your own. Villages can be centered around a group, a topic, an event or a cause that you want to foster communication, collaboration and/or awareness around.
  8. Click on the “Events” tab and see what events are happening that ITAVN users have posted.
  9. The “History Spotlight” at the bottom of the page is a place where you can see important dates for social movements and events. Do you know of events that we should post? Leave us a suggestion here.
  10. Explore the “Search Bar” and “Ally Locator” functions to find organizations, businesses and individuals that you share common causes with.

Thank you for joining our platform and we are looking forward to interact with you soon!

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